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In March of 2015, I left Chicago and hit the road full-time in a 1993 Pace Arrow RV with my boyfriend Kelly. In February of 2016, Kelly and I decided to amicably part ways, but I didn’t want to give up the RV lifestyle I’d come to love, so I decided to GO ROGUE and go solo! This site is meant to be a journal of my adventures as a full time traveler.  For more about me, check here

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  • Staying Put (For Now) – An Update! September 29, 2016 When I arrived to Colorado at the beginning of August I decided it was time to consider parking the RV and staying put for a while. There are many reasons why I found the idea appealing, but my primary motivation was being able to better develop in-person relationships. I decided to choose Colorado specifically because of ... Read More...
  • Bounce Back. August 1, 2016 So my last post was kind of a bummer, but it made me feel so much better to write and share and let it out. And I have some good news, I’m totally getting my mojo back. I can’t be kept down for long. Yes, life can be a rollercoaster.  Emotions are a weird and wonderful ... Read More...
  • Disappointments and Decisions July 27, 2016 Time for a personal update. I feel like sharing right now because I’m feeling pretty alone. I think writing about things might help me feel better. When I found myself single and alone again at the end of March, I felt sad of course but also had a lot to look forward to – figuring out how to ... Read More...
  • I’m Back! July 20, 2016 It has been quite a while since my last post – time for an update! Why so quiet? I took over a month-long break from RVing. I parked the RV in my parents driveway, stayed with them for a couple of weeks, and then went up to their cabin in Northern Minnesota. I could have brought the ... Read More...
  • Colorado Rocks! May 25, 2016 From what I can tell, the Denver area is pretty much all about beer and hiking. In other words, paradise. Beautiful scenery, mountains nearby, great bustling cities with breweries and restaurants galore, and trails packed with people and their dogs out hiking. I’m pretty much in love with it. I was only able to spend about ... Read More...
  • A Quick Jaunt Through New Mexico May 10, 2016 New Mexico is the newest state under my belt! I think I did a pretty admirable job of trying to pack as much as possible into my week long visit, but I know I left SO MANY stones unturned. Initial thoughts:  An incredibly beautiful state! Not to mention the culture and history and of course, the food. ... Read More...
  • 3 Days at the Grand Canyon April 28, 2016 This past week I got to visit the Grand Canyon. This was my first visit, and it was just as spectacular as I had hoped. The grandeur is basically impossible to capture in photographs which doesn’t mean I didn’t try. I spent 3 days at the park taking it all in, hiking, biking, and snapping a thousand pictures. ... Read More...
  • Boondocking Sedona April 21, 2016 This past week I decided to try my hand at boondocking again. Of course I have been boondocking quite a bit over the past year, but it feels a little bit different being alone. And I’m cheating because I was not actually alone – I joined Marshall and Kelly (not THAT Kelly, but a girl ... Read More...
  • Shaman’s Cave, Sedona April 11, 2016 The hiking in Sedona is pretty fantastic, as you can imagine. And as much as I like hiking on a marked trail, nothing is better than finding a place to explore where I’m not going to run into another soul. When Max and I go out hunting for nice views I find my happy place. Well, ... Read More...
  • Week 1 Solo Complete! April 4, 2016 As a heads up, everyone can go ahead and prepare themselves for lots of hiking selfies… 🙂 After last week’s post a couple of people checked in with me to make sure I was OK. Don’t worry friends! Good news! I AM OK 🙂 I am not sad, I am not fretting, I just wanted to take ... Read More...


  1. Edith Hofmaenner February 19, 2015 - 7:41 pm Reply

    congrats. Looking forward to your adventures . Love your blog

    • kelly February 19, 2015 - 8:14 pm Reply

      thank you! subscribe to posts by email to keep up with the latest.

  2. Tom Sherry February 19, 2015 - 9:03 pm Reply

    Subscribed. Love the countdown clock!

    • kelly February 19, 2015 - 10:22 pm Reply

      that was all Anna’s idea 🙂

  3. Ajani Eagledove February 19, 2015 - 11:40 pm Reply

    keep us update to your adventures,.. may we someday meet on the road to evertywhere.

  4. Dominic February 20, 2015 - 3:32 am Reply

    Looking forward to your adventures. I own a travel trailer but we’re only weekenders right now. Have a great time!

  5. Kim February 19, 2015 - 11:28 pm Reply

    Good luck as you get rolling. Hope to see you down the road.

  6. Cindy Weisser May 7, 2015 - 6:18 pm Reply

    Hi Anna & Kelly,
    LOVED reading your blog! I went to lunch with Kelly’s mom Rachel today and she told me about your blog. I am your Second Cousin Once Removed.. My dad, Jay Saks, and your Grandfather Jackie were first cousins. Your mom and I are second cousins.I have a son your same age Jared, and a daughter Jaime who is 28. They are your third cousins! If you make it to South Florida, I would love to get together! Enjoy every minute of your journey! It is something I never had the opportunity to do, however, I plan to do it in the next few years!!!
    Cindy Weisser

  7. Diana Vargas February 18, 2016 - 3:03 pm Reply

    Would love email notifications of new posts.

  8. Tyler Hammack May 31, 2016 - 1:24 pm Reply

    Hi Anna,
    I was shooting new videos with the RV Geeks last week and they had to share your Instagram photos with me and your adventures. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Tyler with Tough Top Awning. Good for you and welcome to the RV lifestyle.
    If you ever make it back to the West Coast we would be happy to replace your Patio awning fabric and maybe have the RV Geeks shoot a video on it. We also, don’t charge anything when we shoot videos as it take 10 time as long to do it.
    Safe Travels

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