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Ann Arbor Bar and Restaurant Reviews

Anna Edgren • January 3, 2015

Ann Arbor is a great food town. The Main Street area in particular is a highlight. You can walk down Main Street and pick from a whole host of good restaurants. Below I have discussed Gratzi, but there are many more. 

1. Zingerman’s Deli

Zingerman’s is a world-famous deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They specialize in sourcing high-quality goods from around the country (and often internationally too) and combining them into amazing sandwiches, soups, and sides. You pay for what you get here, meaning the prices are what some would call “abnormally high,” but luckily, what you get is usually fantastic. They also place an emphasis on stellar customer service and treating their employees well, which is admirable. More on that in this super interesting article.  I like stopping here when I am home, even though you will inevitably have to wait in a long line and pay $18 for a sandwich. I think it’s worth it and I like supporting them (and eating delicious food). See a list of their veggie sandwiches here. I recommend the Skokie Skidoo. And I will say we were actually not too fond of their new Rucker’s Raucus Reuben – tempeh can be hit or miss sometimes and this was a miss. Otherwise I usually enjoy what they have to offer!

2. Gratzi 

Gratzi is an old Ann Arbor institution, having been a main street staple for almost 30 years. If you are looking for a quality night out at a nice restaurant, this is a great choice. Their food is solid, the ambiance is lovely, and you get to check out naked people while you dine in the gigantic mural on the wall. 

3. The Beer Grotto

I have only ever been to the Beer Grotto in Dexter, MI, which is about a 20 minute drive from Ann Arbor. It has come to my attention that there is now an Ann Arbor location as well! Whichever location you choose, you will see that the fun part about the Beer Grotto is that you can try any of their beers in 3 ounce sample sizes for prices varying from $1-3, depending on the beer. And they have A LOT of beers to try – mostly craft beers, many from Michigan.  It is a blast to choose and try different types. If you love one, you can order it in pint-form, or even go crazy and get a growler to go. Fantastic way to try out a bunch of beers and find some you like. Great concept. 




ann arbor restaurant reviews

Anna Edgren • January 3, 2015

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