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Picker’s Guide: Playstation 2 Sports Games

As usual, excluding things under about 8 dollars.   Sports – Traditional Baseball   $10.75 Major League Baseball 2K12 …and that’s it.  Easy enough.   Basketball   $19.99 NBA 2K12   $8.95 NBA 2K11   Football   $22.30 NCAA Football 11   $13.25 Madden NFL 12   $8.07 Madden NFL 11   $7.50 NCAA Football…

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Picker’s Shortcuts: PlayStation 1 Games

Traditional Sports Of the 200+ sports games on Playstation, you can ignore any that aren’t on this list.  That’s easy!   ISS Pro Evolution $19.94 ISS Pro 98 $19.68 NBA Hang Time $16.51 Striker ’96 $12.00 NBA Jam Tournament Edition $11.85 Goal Storm ’97 $11.12 Nagano $11.01 NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 Challenge $10.00…

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Picker’s Shortcuts: XBOX Video Games

90% of the games you find while picking are going to be sports games. Most of these are utterly worthless, to the point where I decided not to even bother looking anymore.  I figured that I must be leaving money on the table, but  just didn’t have the patience to look up every damn game in…

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