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I’m Back!

Anna Edgren • July 20, 2016

It has been quite a while since my last post – time for an update! Why so quiet? I took over a month-long break from RVing. I parked the RV in my parents driveway, stayed with them for a couple of weeks, and then went up to their cabin in Northern Minnesota. I could have brought the RV to Minnesota with me, like I did last year, but I thought it would be a nice opportunity to take it easy, spend more time with the family, defrost the RV fridge, and oh yeah, not pay for gas or camping 🙂 


Although I haven’t been updating the blog too frequently, I have been having a lot of fun taking photos. I am in awe of how many interesting things I run into on a daily basis. The world is a beautiful place. I have found that when your scenery changes frequently, you start to notice little things you may have previously overlooked.  I post all photos to my instagram account and facebook account, so if you are looking for the latest, check there!

During my RV down time, I was also able to make a couple much needed improvements to the RV. Well, let me rephrase, my extremely helpful parents, who I cannot possibly thank enough for their time and efforts, were able to make improvements to the RV. My dad fixed my blinds to make them functional again – I had been rolling them up by hand and he was able to string them back together. He also helped to secure one of my overhead storage compartments that has been coming loose and threatening to drop down on my head mid-drive which would be, in a word, bad. 

My wonderful, brave, and hard-working mother essentially taught herself how to make RV curtains, which are much more difficult than regular curtains. She has made regular curtains about a thousand times, so she knows what she is doing to some extent. But the RV curtains are tricky because they run along a track, and therefore need a special kind of button sewn in to fit into said track. They also had pleats, and a lining – All new things to tackle. Luckily she was up for the task, and they came out BEAUTIFULLY! I helped minimally, and my dad helped quite a bit in terms of planning and helping to sew on 55 buttons…. Did I mention I am eternally grateful??

I am so pleased with them. They make a world of difference in the feel of the RV. The old curtains kind of looked like movie-theater curtains, except they were a bit more pink than red. Suuuper attractive….  


2015-05-26 23.08.36



Hallelujah! They definitely brighten up the space. 

My time at the cabin was lovely and restful as usual. Here are a couple of highlights…

Kayaking with my mama:

2016-07-06 12.07.28

Taking 10,000 dog walks:

2016-06-30 09.56.20

Watching Max and his Aunty Bella become even better friends:

2016-07-02 11.28.15

Having a nice view for work:

2016-07-05 09.12.10 HDR

Amazing clouds, storms, and sunsets: 

2016-06-28 20.08.49

Stumbling upon a murder scene:

2016-07-08 20.38.30-1

And now, I’m BACK in the RV!!!!  It is wonderful to be back – this is my home and I missed it! Its funny but at this point, I feel like a pretty normal single female living in a one bedroom apartment. It just happens to have wheels…

I am heading to Wisconsin this weekend to hang out with my friends Josh and Anna at her family’s lakehouse, and then I am hauling my butt back to Denver! Planning to be in the Denver area for about 2 months. The thought of being close to mountains again is very appealing to me. I have big plans to get some serious hiking in (definitely want to do a 14er) and need to check out some more breweries of course. 

Back to the road! 

Anna Edgren • July 20, 2016

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  1. Sarah July 20, 2016 - 11:49 am Reply

    Can you believe you ever lived permanently in Chicago?? Must seem like that was a lifetime ago given all of your fun and exciting adventures 🙂 🙂

  2. Jerry Minchey July 20, 2016 - 12:28 pm Reply

    I’m glad you’re back. I’ve been missing your posts.

    I was dog-sitting my brother’s two dogs for 10 days and staying at their house. It was so nice to get back to my motorhome. Like you, I missed it.

    Of course, my dog-sitting time wasn’t all bad. They had cable TV and unlimited high-speed Internet, but I still like being in my RV better.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your Denver adventures.

  3. ConstantCritic July 21, 2016 - 1:05 pm Reply

    My family had a shack on Strawberry Lake and a cabin on Cotton Lake that looked just like yours. It was torn down and a house built in it’s place. Then both were sold just before lake property skyrocketed. So no cabins for the family. Maybe 100 miles from Cass Lake closer to DL.
    So I’ve been through Cass Lake a few times. Seems like a couple lifetimes ago. Love Minnesota Lake country. Used to feel like home. Now home is where I park it. Currently the mountains of Washington. Looking forward to your Colorado adventures. Where it used to feel like home for most of my life. No longer… I’m realizing overpopulation is everywhere now and it was just delayed hitting Colorado. I was lucky for the quiet times I enjoyed there.

  4. Debbie LaFleiche July 21, 2016 - 5:58 pm Reply

    Glad to have you back again. I enjoy your blog very much and had been wondering if it was going to continue. Enjoy Colorado!

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