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TechnomadiaThis is where it all started for us.  We discovered Chris and Cherie and immediately realized that our “crazy idea” was attainable and maybe not as crazy at it once seemed.   These digital nomads have been full-timing for over 8 years now, and are at the vanguard of mobile technology in all aspects.  Their recent research into solar power will prove invaluable to many, and their dedication to truly mastering the art of connectivity has blossomed into a side business of its own

Chris, Cherie and their awesome bus conversion

Gone With The WynnsAnother young couple working and traveling.  They produce exceptional videos, ranging from RV how-to vids to travelogs of their wide array of destinations.  They call themselves “perpetual travelers and modern-day documentarians”.

WheelingIt.US Nina and Paul. WheelingIt was born with nothing but 12 paws, 40 feet, the freedom of the open road and the passion to see all those places we’d dreamed about for years.

The Minimalists  Ryan and Josh visited Chicago earlier in 2014 and we got a chance to hear them speak.  As far as we were concerned, they were preaching to the choir, but their message still resonated.  Seek experiences, not objects.   (Not an RV / travel blog, btw)

Ryan and Josh – The Minimalists

RV Advice A smattering of great advice Loads of random good advice, from what to look for when buying used to troubleshooting electrical problems. Class A Motorhome Points of Inspection – Insanely thorough.  Top-end inspection is expensive, but worth it for more expensive rigs. Buying GuideLess thorough than the others, but still some nuggets of info.  Good basics. Forum: First-Time Buyer Mistakes 50 pages of stories from people who made rookie mistakes.  Full of gems! Forum: FAQ  – Possibly the most comprehensive list of questions and answers we’ve ever found. Forum: Private Seller vs Dealer (and more here) – The general consensus is to go through a dealer if you want to buy something quickly, go with a private seller if you want to hunt for a good deal. 

Checklists: Departure & Teardown , Arrival & Set-Up,

Other Collections of Resources Forum – Their site has a slant towards the younger, non-retired community.  Many great links.

Technomadia‘s Resource PageYet another great collection of links and info.  These guys know about everything there is to know!

Decorating, DIY & Renovation

My RV Design ShowcaseKelly’s curated gallery of successful aesthetic improvements to RVs.  No how-to information or “insanity options”, just artistic inspiration.

Future Tech & Insanity Options – Another Kelly curation. We don’t want these, need these, and certainly can’t afford anything like them, but it’s great to see where the industry is headed.  Some of these are hybrids between serious off-road vehicles and motor homes, which make me think that one day, a human will drive an RV on Mars.

RV DIY Renovation & How-ToNuts and bolts.  Literally.  

Pinterest: Mobile Gardening pinboard – Not RV-specific, but certainly many applicable ideas.  

Upside-Down Gardening!

WheeledAndFree: Beautifying their 5th Wheel  – It looks like an Ikea catalogue, and I say that in the best possible way.

This is the bedroom of a 5th wheel. Nicer than most of my apartments.


Mobile Internet AfficionadosChris and Cherie of Technomadia launched this venture in response to the tremendous demand for information regarding connectivity on the road.  While we intent to see how far we can get tethering AT&T + Verizon phones, I’m pretty sure we’ll end up paying these guys for their advice at some point down the line.

WheelingIT.US: Planning RV Travels #3 – A list of apps from fuel prices, map overlays, and boondocking.


Nomadic & Full-Time Lifestyle

WheeledAndFree: 5 Surprising Things No One Tells You About Full-Timing – You can have glassware, plants and home-cooked meals.  Pooping isn’t weird, and your RV doesn’t have to look like it just stepped out of a Chevy Chase movie.

LookForAmerica: Meeting New People – Make a point to accept all invitations.  People are usually generous, interesting and friendly.


Rick’s RV Center (Joliet) –  Met with Kurt, who was absolutely lovely.  Almost no used Class A rigs, but a great selection overall.  

USAdventure (Joliet) – Met with Sean, who was very helpful and seemed well informed.  Took a lot of time out of his day even though he knew we were not buying for months yet.  Decent selection of used class A.  Also an Airstream dealer, incidentally. 


E. Michigan

Lloyd Bridges (Dexter) – Small selection, not too impressed.  Sticker prices seemed high.


Awesome Coaches, Rigs and Trailers

i2RV Forum: Class A Toy Haulers – This is an amazing thing that I never knew existed.  Some longer (38’+) Class As have garages in back, which would allow you to theoretically stow a smart car.  Want.

Just wow.

RoadItUp: Vintage towing Vintage – ’84 Bluebird Wanderlodge bus that pulls an ’87 Westfalia Syncro 

Vintage pulling vintage.

TinyHouseBlog: The Bumfuzzle Bus – a vintage Travco motorhome

Vintage Travco Motorhome

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