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Anna Edgren • February 21, 2015 is now live and ready to be shared with whomever may care to view it! Exciting? Sure. But the only word that keeps running through my mind is: HORRIFYING. Suddenly I am no longer writing for an audience of 1 (Hi Kelly). Now, this post can be seen by everyone who stops by (Hi EVERYONE!!!). Talk about stage fright. I hope so much that we can continue to create interesting content that another live human being will actually want to read! Also, thanks to everyone who signed up for the email list. It is so nice to see so much interest in what we are doing and we really appreciate the support. 

So aside from the website launch, nothing too interesting has happened this week. We are still in a bit of a holding pattern as we wait for my work to wrap up. Here’s the breakdown:

I have only 15 more days of official work. So there’s that.  Eek. I am job hunting like a madwoman and trying to put feelers out there. We will see what turns up. This morning, however, I had a bit of time to daydreaming about what it will be like once we leave. As it is a weekend morning, I was able to get up slowly, cuddle with the animals, make breakfast, and take Max on a nice 45 minute walk. This is probably what I’m looking forward to most once we set off – being able to do this on a daily basis. No more rushed and aggravated mornings trying to quick take the dog around the block, running 15 minutes late and cursing at myself. All I want to do is take my time and walk him around every state in this country and see his happy smiling face bounding along.  I’m ready for woods instead of sidewalks.

IMG_3628 (2)

As for our plans this weekend: Kelly and I were going to try to avoid going to thrift stores for a bit as he has enough stuff to sell right now without adding more to the pile… However, winter boredom is getting the best of us and I think we may have to check out one, JUST ONE!  

We will also be working on the website this weekend. I feel like these next few weeks will be the calm before the storm. The next things on the agenda include:

  • Figuring out once and for all how we are going to tow my car along with us, AND the lovely matter of how much it will cost.  Driving the RV is one thing, but driving it with a tow car?! Yikes. 
  • Continuing to get rid of stuff. I need to go through a couple of closets and get REAL SERIOUS about what I actually do and do not need. Kelly is definitely more prepared for this than I am. In general he is pretty good about keeping what he owns to a minimum. On the other hand I have just been stockpiling nonsense for years. More work needs to be done. 
  • This week I also finished up dealing with insurance for the car and RV together. We will be writing a SUPER FUN INTERESTING post about insurance issues. (Insurance is ALWAYS fun, you know it, I know it, everyone knows it.)

Thanks again everyone for checking out the website! Hope all of you in cold locations are hanging in there, I know Kelly and I are struggling with this weather. And to all of you in warm locations – we collectively hate you and are blue with envy (it’s really cold). 

Anna Edgren • February 21, 2015

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