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Packing and Moving

Anna Edgren • March 19, 2015

This month Kelly and I have been focused on getting ready to move away from Chicago and into the RV. Very exciting! The plan is to load everything into a Uhaul and drive back to my parents’ house in Dexter, Michigan, which will be our “staging area” (thanks Mom and Dad!!) while we go get the RV out of storage, make sure it is still working properly (eek), and pack it full of our things.  This will all be done over the course of a week or so. Maybe less if the weather cooperates, but the end of March in Michigan can be a squirrelly time. 


“More snow?!?”

 And speaking of packing it full of things, we have been continuing to sell things here and there over the course of the past month, paring down our possessions as much as possible. It continues to amaze me how many bags of clothing we have donated. 

It was basically like this

It was basically like this

We have finally decided on a moving date of Monday, March 23. Since neither of us have ever driven a vehicle whilst towing another vehicle, we figured it would be good practice to have someone who has done this before show us the ropes, and most importantly show us how the heck you hook it up. So when we rent the Uhaul, we will also be renting a tow dolly to tow the car along behind us. Hopefully that will be a good learning experience. 

moving-tipsMeanwhile, as anyone who has recently moved can tell you, there is A LOT to do in the next couple days to make sure we’re ready to go. We are wrapping up loose ends – figuring out a new mailing address, cancelling our heat/gas, trying to see friends before we leave, and packing packing packing. 

We are in a perpetual state of excitement about getting on the road! More to come soon! 


movingmoving into rvpacking

Anna Edgren • March 19, 2015

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  1. Wade March 19, 2015 - 11:26 am Reply

    I’m envious and watching. Keep us all updated as you progress. 440 days left for us. See you on the road.

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