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Spring 2015 Route

Kelly Reid • December 4, 2014

Route Options, May & June

We’ll be setting off from the Ann Arbor area in late April, with the 30th being our absolute cutoff date.  We aim to be at the Cass Lake cabin by mid-June, with no firm date yet in mind.   I’ve plotted a route that takes us through the great outdoors and towns where we have friends along the way.  It’s a bit circuitous, but for a good reason.

We currently live in Chicago, and we have driven most of the routes within the radius of this map.  By routing around the Chicago region, we can explore new places.  We’ll have at least 2 months before we need to be at the cabin, so there’s no reason not to make a big loop south before venturing north.


Urban stops include Cincinnati, Louisville (for the Kentucky Derby!), Kirksville MO, Minneapolis,  and Anna, IL (a 3.5 square mile town of 4000 people which we clearly must visit.) 

Though there are no true National Parks along this route, there are a few other kinds of federally protected natural areas. The most noteworthy are Hoosier, Mark Twain and Shawnee National Forests,  the latter of which was my first exposure to camping, and the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways.  There are also at least a dozen state and county parks along the way, and many more accessible by sensible detours.

The route totals 1600 miles as I’ve drafted it, which amounts to 8-12 travel days over 6-8 weeks and about $600 of RV fuel.   We have no firm arrival date for the Cabin, so we can take our time as we see fit.

Kelly Reid • December 4, 2014

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  1. David February 20, 2015 - 3:25 pm Reply

    Saw your Facebook link to your page. Best wishes for your adventure. I assume you mean “Spring 2015 Route”.

    • Anna Edgren February 21, 2015 - 10:45 am Reply

      Thank you! We are amazed we’ve been looking at that for so long and haven’t noticed! 🙂

    • kelly February 21, 2015 - 10:46 am Reply

      Fixed, cheers and thanks!

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