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The Cabin, and Heading West

Anna Edgren • June 18, 2015

We have spent the past week and a half relaxing at my family’s cabin in Northern Minnesota on Cass Lake. What a lovely time! The mosquitos were at times horrific, as they tend to be in the deep north woods, but I find the experience of being so far removed from civilization and spending time in nature absolutely worth it. Here is a little snapshot of what we did.

We got a great little spot at the campground a half mile down the road. This was our home base. 


Not pictured: The lake, which is right behind us

 We took lots of great walks with Max and my parents’ dog Bella.

This was right before they disappeared into the woods for 10 minutes chasing god-knows-what. Naughty dogs!

This was right before they disappeared into the woods for 10 minutes chasing god-knows-what. Naughty dogs!


Max checking out the Mississippi


The lady’s slipper orchid

We managed an 8-mile kayaking trip down the Mississippi River. The first 4 hours were great. The last hour was hell on earth. Arms HURT.



Lots of interesting river-bottom. We saw fish, flowers, and even the bones of a dead boar! That last one was a bit scary.


We had fun grilling out with the fam.

2015-06-15 19.42.53 rotated

We also had some fantastic sunsets.



We also had a great time sailing on the lake – not pictured, as camera + sailboat can be a recipe for disaster. 

2015-06-15 21.23.31 rotated

This is what it looks like when it’s not sailing.

But alas, now the time has come to move on to our next stop.

Leaving the cabin in some ways feels like the first leg of our journey is over. This was our only “planned stop” along our route – from here on out, we have nowhere we need to be. We want to make it to the Northwest by fall, and that is our only goal.  

Next up: We are heading to the Dakotas. First to North Dakota, Fargo area. Then down to South Dakota to see The Badlands, The Black Hills, and who knows what else! 

We are thinking of taking a new direction with the blog since it is difficult to keep up with long-form posts. We are going to try to post 1 picture a day to show what we’ve been doing and where we are. We may still post long-form stories from time to time when the occasion arises, but we think it will be easier to share more frequent smaller snippets.

Thanks for reading along!! 

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Anna Edgren • June 18, 2015

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