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Waiting: February in Chicago

Anna Edgren • February 7, 2015

Right now Kelly and I are in limbo waiting for everything to kick off with the RV stuff. It is a tough place to be. Our beautiful Pace Arrow is braving the elements in storage in Michigan. Having to buy a fun new toy and then immediately put it back in the closet for 4 months is basically the worst. 

It is the beginning of February here in Chicago, and you would be hard pressed to find a single person who isn’t completely over the whole concept of winter. We got 19 inches of snow last week, which is enough to stick around for a while. Of course every day that goes by fills the standing snow with more dirt, dog poop, urine, trash, and other gross outdoor happenings that you tend not to notice until the ground is blanketed in white. At this point it’s an abysmal sight, not to mention a bitch to try to park your car in. 

I started conversations with my work last week to see if I can continue to work for them remotely. I am really unsure of what the outcome will be. I think I have an awesome case, and I truly believe that I will continue to provide value to them from a distance.  I am really excited about the projects I’ve been working on in my job, and it will be really disappointing if they feel that working remotely is a deal-breaker for them.  I didn’t get any indication from my manager one way or another if she thought it would be possible. I think the whole thing took her by surprise! So I will wait patiently (or something).  

In the meantime, Kelly and I have been doing what we can to prepare for the trip. We have been going through our belongings and getting rid of things we don’t need, deciding what to sell online, what to sell in a garage sale, what to donate, what to keep in storage, and what to keep in the RV itself.  Going through my things has actually been a lot of fun and you can see the breakdown of what we’ve done here

As I was walking to the El yesterday morning in 11 degree weather, I thought to myself: Next year you won’t be doing this. This could be the last winter you have to suffer through.  Because who knows where we will be at this time next year! Wherever it is, it sure as heck won’t be below 32 degrees. 


Anna Edgren • February 7, 2015

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