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We Are Now Full Time RVers!

Anna Edgren • April 4, 2015

It’s official: We now live in the RV, it is our home. We finally got it all packed in, checked out, filled up, and ready to go. We tossed in the cats and dog and set off this morning for Cincinnati – a 275 mile drive. 

Of course our start couldn’t go off without a hitch. In order to plug into an electric outlet in the RV, you need a key to open a hatch to access the outlet. When Kelly went to unplug us from the shore-power from my parents’ house, he grabbed the key, stuck it in and began to turn when SNAP, it cracked right in two. Oh boy. Thank goodness he was able to get the broken half of the key out, and I had a spare key on my key chain, or we would have had a real issue. We will need to make another copy of that key ASAP. Other than that brief scare, we managed to get away without further ado around noon. 

The drive down was… somewhat harrowing. It managed to rain nearly the entire time, which made for tense driving. Then about an hour outside of Cincinnati, we were informed that the campground we were planning to stay at (Steamboat Bend), was going to be closed and evacuated due to concerns about the Ohio River flooding. We pulled off to the side of the road at a rest stop and sat down to regroup and find a new place to stay.

At this point, I realized this is what my life is going to look like now:

I hope I'm not in your way, Ace

I hope I’m not in your way, Ace

Thankfully we found a campground about 30 minutes outside of Cincinnati. It is nice and pretty, though it is slightly more crowded than we had hoped. We got in right before dark, so we’re hoping to have more time to explore tomorrow. We also need to (finally) fill up our fresh water tank, and de-winterize once and for all! Greatly looking forward to that (so that we can “use the facilities” in our new home. And wash dishes and such as well.)

And now a word on the cats: They are quite displeased. The RV has no “under the bed” – their typical refuge – so they both took a turn hiding in their covered litter box while we were moving down the road in our rumbling death trap (which is I’m sure how they refer to it). Luckily, when the engine turned off, both cats seemed happy (mostly to be alive). They have been exploring every nook and cranny since then – I think they will adjust in time.

Max seems to be doing well, he slept for much of the ride down.

Happy little dreams

Happy little dreams

I think he is exhausted from playing with his good friend Bella all week and taking hour long walks in the woods every day.

It was rather enchanting

It was rather enchanting

He does seem a bit confused about the fact that we are not getting out of the RV and going “back inside” (aren’t we all…).

While we were staying at my parents’ house, we stayed inside with them and not in the RV. Mostly because the RV is not de-winterized, they have a king-sized bed, and it is where the cats were located (they are no treat to move). So after arriving to our campsite, we had our first full night in the RV.

I will confess, so far it is very weird being sort of stuck in here. it is exciting and wonderful of course, but also strange. We had been in and out of the RV repeatedly while packing it for the past week or so, and now we are decidedly IN and only in. There is nowhere else to go. It feels small and different and it seems like everything is more difficult. A lot of that has to do with the novelty of it. I would say we are a little out of our comfort zone. Not in a bad way – if anything this was totally expected. It will just take some adjusting for us as well. 

When we were on our way driving down I had the odd sensation of knowing we were going on a trip somewhere – we had a destination in mind – but also knowing that we were already home. We were moving our location, but at any point, we could stop and turn off the engine and take a few things out of the cupboard and HEY! It’s home. It is a weird concept to wrap the mind around.

Some good news: The bed is INCREDIBLY and FANTASTICALLY comfortable and cozy. I felt like I was sleeping in a cloud. And, fresh off the boat and we already saw some pretty neat wildlife! This little guy was crawling by on our way to use the bathroom:

We're thinking salamander?

We’re thinking salamander?

Today we are going to continue to put and re-put things away, de-winterize, go grocery shopping, and just generally get a little more settled in and acquainted with things. We are planning to stay in the Cincinnati area for a full week to have some stability and figure it all out.

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Anna Edgren • April 4, 2015

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