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Well That’s an Odd Place for a Brewery… (and Other Cincinnati Adventures)

Anna Edgren • April 11, 2015

Wednesday night we decided to go out on the town and have some fun.  We wanted to go somewhere easy and close by to watch the Cincinnati Reds game and grab a few drinks. It turns out there is a brewery only 3 miles away from us in the small town of Williamsburg, Ohio.  It is located in an old firehouse, which is of course why it is called:

2015-04-08 19.08.04

 We knew we were in the right place when we spotted this awesome truck outside:

 2015-04-08 19.07.54

The whole place is basically just a big garage, with seats and tables lined up along the side. It is fantastically decorated with various firefighting paraphernalia.

2015-04-08 19.08.55

2015-04-08 20.23.53

Oh my.

They also had darts, TVs, and even a Nintendo Wii for patrons to play, with an Xbox on the way. Definitely a good place to hang out. Another big plus: It’s dog friendly! 

 But on to more important things: The beer!

2015-04-08 19.09.54

They had a selection of 8 beers to choose from as well as Sprecher’s rootbeer and orange soda. As he tends to do, Kelly had a flight of all the beers. I stuck with a pint of the Flash Point IPA. Luckily Kelly was nice enough to share a couple sips of his sampler.

Some highlights: 

High Ryes Coffee Red – Wow. Many stouts and porters will have a coffee flavor in them, but a Coffee Red was new to us. Absolutely fantastic. A strong sharp biting taste to it, which is personally what I look for in a beer. This one was totally unique. 

Stand Pipe Stout – Kelly’s favorite. 9% ABV means this is one wicked drink. Black as night and strong as jetfuel. 

Flash Point IPA – The friendly man next to me at the bar expressed his opinion that this is the best beer they make. Hard to disagree – I really enjoyed it. A clean, crisp flavor with killer hops. 

The beer was lovely but unfortunately the baseball didn’t come through. We have had SO MUCH RAIN in this area over the past few days, and tonight was no exception. We consoled ourselves with cheesesticks from the local pizza place across the street, the unassuming but ultimately delicious Main Street Pizza, who will deliver to the bar.

The game didn’t end up starting until close to 9:30pm after a 2+ hour rain delay.  We had already been at the bar for a couple hours at that point and decided we were not up for sticking it out to watch the game. No worries, as we were able to go LIVE AND IN PERSON to see the reds play on Friday night. 

I hadn’t been the the Reds Stadium before – it is absolutely beautiful and sits on the Ohio river. 

2015-04-10 19.20.17

What a beautiful ballpark! #reds #cincinnati

It was a great night for baseball – the weather was perfect, we got to see Billy Hamilton steal some bases, and since it was Firework Friday, they put on a really spectacular firework show after the game. 

2015-04-10 21.52.29

 And thus concludes our time in the Cincinnati area! It was wonderful and we had a lot of fun and we are excited to move on to our next destination. 


Anna Edgren • April 11, 2015

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